02 Nov, 2020

Structural fire safety covers a strategic and essential role when evaluating the whole fire strategy of a building. Due to its constant evolutions and progressions, structural fire safety analysis is more often verified and carefully evaluated by the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). Nowadays, fire engineers can count on a large number of tools and methods aimed to analyse the actual stability and behaviour of several structural members when exposed to fire conditions. Our Continental European office, located in Milan, counts a good number of structural engineers who constantly undertake fire safety structural analysis based on the most modern techniques available in the field.

Our knowledge is based on a several years of strict structural and civil engineering study programs, on constantly updated field-related study courses, and countless on-field experiences that have characterized Jensen Hughes strength and abilities in this sector. We provide expert consulting, design, construction phase support, forensic engineering and investigation, research and development, software solutions, and training throughout the world across every industry.

Our consultants offer a forward‑thinking and data-driven approach that usually follows the following steps:

  • On site visits surveys aimed to analyse and picture the structures in its entirety and in details and to assess the mechanical properties of single structural members.
  • Structural analysis based on advanced and specific field-related software in compliance with the local codes and with the Eurocodes
  • Evaluation of the necessity to enhance passive fire protection systems
  • Design and assess bespoke passive fire protection systems
  • Construction supervision and final sign off.

Our goal is to help our clients to achieve the required fire safety measures imposed by local codes while also providing a successful guidance on the best and most cost-effective solution tailored to the specific structural design that each project offers. For example, our experts will focus on:

  • Minimize the costs involved in order to obtain the required protection
  • Verify and assess the possibility to exclude the fire protection on certain structural elements
  • Verify and analyse the applied passive fire protection solutions and evaluate their restoration

Our experts and projects are constantly peer-reviewed with the aim to verify and guarantee a correct and satisfactory result and to validate each calculation carried out with advanced structural software.